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Jowett Marriages at Rothwell 1691 - 1837

Date Event Given name (s) Common name Surname Spouse of Notes
17880526 m Robert Robert Jowett Hannah Walker Both otp, witnesses Benjamin Holroyd and Thomas Jessop
17890105 m Anne Ann Jowett Benjamin Alderson Rothwell Both otp, witnesses John Maude and Joseph Gibson
17950816 m George George Jowett Anne Carr Both otp, witnesses Joshua Tracy and Mary Worsnap
18040129 m James James Jowett Mary Atack Both otp, witnesses James Hartley and Jonathan Greenwood
18091022 m Samuel Samuel Jowett Mary Atkinson Both otp, witnesses Joseph Gibson and Benjamin Walker
18091224 witness Benjamin Benjamin Jowitt Witness at the wedding of John Sykes and Esther Taylor. Other witness was Thomas Johnson
18110224 m Mary Mary Jowitt Isaac Hainsworth Both otp, witnesses Joshua Wood and Nancy Yeadon
18111104 m William William Jowitt Mary Pool Both otp, witnesses William Braithwaite and John Lumbert
18130927 m Joseph Joseph Jowett Mary Hewood Banns. Witnesses Charles Heywood and Elizabeth Heyward
18220623 m Thomas Thomas Jowett Mary Sugden Roberts Banns. Witnesses George Roberts and Harriot Roberts
18220714 m John John Jowett Sarah Fearnley Banns. Witnesses Thomas Jowett and John Gibson
18250123 m Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett John Williams License. Elizabeth spinster. John bachelor, labourer of Wakefield. Witnesses Henry Gelder and Samuel Leathley
18260806 m George George Jewitt Mary Ann Pickard Witnesses Joseph Leake and Esther Walker
18291005 m Elizabeth Elizabeth Jowett Joseph Gavin Witnesses William Morrison and Sarah Wright

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